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Qu’est-ce que c’est?

What is flash coaching?

"Flash Coaching" sessions are short individual sessions (30-45mn) designed to clean up deeply and permanently

  •      a fear (even a phobia)

  •      a trauma (emotional, physical or mental)

  •      a physical pain

  •      a limiting belief

Several techniques can be used: NLP, hypnosis and quantum physics derived techniques.


Flash Coaching (or reprogramming, exclusion, cleaning, etc.) is a holistic coaching technique whose specificity is to focus on the person as a whole, in its four dimensions: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual. This technique frees you from your blockages, fears, anxieties, toxic feelings in order to reach your true potential and become what you are ... and more!


Since our birth, and even before, via the transmission of ancestral memory (see epigenetics or trans-generational memory), we accumulate experiences related to our primary needs (desire for life, safety, survival).

We perceive and interpret each of our experiences positively or negatively through our logic and emotions. Based on this, we build our personal belief system, on which we then subconsciously base all our decisions and actions.

Our beliefs then determine what we think we are capable of doing or not.
This belief system can therefore help us improve or, on the contrary, contribute to our 'stagnation'. In this case, we are dealing with limiting beliefs.

Often, we develop limiting beliefs because in the past we have been unable to achieve the desired results. When efforts have led to pain, instead of pleasure, it is easy to conclude that extra effort will only lead to more pain. This mentality creates a negative reinforcement loop. With each painful experience, fear increases and commitment decreases. Lack of commitment produces disappointing results that reinforce the system of limiting beliefs.


Such a schema is not based on reality, but rather on an exaggerated emotional response to certain experiences.
The good news is that we have the ability to determine what value we will attribute to all the experiences of our lives. We even have the ability to see a negative experience as valuable and stimulating.

Shorter than a psychotherapy, the results are generally obtained in a single session (although in some cases, 2 to 3 sessions are necessary). By focusing on the problem to be solved, not on the cause, and by activating the three "brains" (mind, heart and intestines), it is then possible to get rid of your limiting beliefs by "erasing" them from your subconscious mind. And so to rebuild on healthy beliefs!

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