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The Flow Academy™’s vision of Coaching

•Unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance

•Supporting them to learn how to act differently

  • Motivating, strategizing and guiding

What Coaching is


A Coaching journey or program is an individual and personalized process to support a person to enter their dynamic of transformation, which will eventually lead them to develop their potential, know-how and soft skills.

It is a co creation process based on interviews and practices, and relying on cooperation. This journey is designed based on the Client’s needs and objectives, which are defined at the beginning.

The role of the Coach is to explore with the Client, to challenge them and to support them in their transformation strategy as well as in taking the necessary steps to achieve this transformation. Unlike a Consultant, they do not state solutions and accompany the Client so that they develop their own answers.

What Coaching is not

  • Mentoring: ongoing, informal, broad, career-focused (vs Coaching = time-framed, formal, strengths focused, goals focused)

  • Training: transferring knowledge (vs Coaching = enhancing skills)

  • Consulting: expertise on a professional or technical domain (in Coaching, answers come from the Client)

  • Sports coaching: have the Client win against all the others (the professional or life Coach helps the Client to win his own gold medal)

  • Therapy: looks to resolve a past pain (in Coaching, we focus on the future and take the Client as a whole, including his/her past)

Coaching according to The Flow Academy™

Our approach is based on traditional coaching methods (systemic, NLP etc.), but its originality and uniqueness come from the integration of the latest discoveries in positive psychology, neurosciences and quantum physics, as well as the practice of tailor-made powerful games, which will challenge you and rock your world!

This original and unique approach is perfectly suited to the new challenges of today: the search for purpose, the leadership of new generations at work and the need to evolve rapidly.

Pourquoi investir dans le Coaching?

Why invest in Coaching?

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Subscribe to a gym, a sports club or take yoga classes ... It all sounds "normal" to many of us. Working out regularly, taking care of our body and maintaining it in good shape deserve some pecuniary sacrifices!

But what about our mental and emotional health? How do we build up one's conscience, how do we develop one's strategy of life, how do we reach our objectives?
Taking the time to read, experiment life, exchange with others and work on one's own personal development are helping us and supporting us in our personal and continuous learning quest.


What Coaching does is to orient us, challenge us, make us exceed our limits. Coaching makes us progress more rapidly.

To invest in a Coaching journey is like investing in a subscription to the gym with a personal Coach, who will encourage you in your training, direct you on the muscles you need to strengthen and motivate you. You will make progress quicker and more easily!

​Companies have long understood that their difference comes from 3 things:

  1. from their differenciating products or services

  2. from their leaders, women and men striving every day to reach the targeted performance

  3. from their human potential, made out of the uniqueness of each of their employees and the alchemy that is created when we transform each of these unicities into collective intelligence.

​Coaching has therefore developed within companies to "beef up" their human potential, to support Executive Managers and Team Leaders in their leadership, decision making, interpersonal relationships, stress management and so on, as well as to support the teams in the creation of a collective spirit, a common motivation and an optimal performance.

Life Coaching

If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and a guaranteed big return, invest in yourself!

You are your best asset and if you don’t do it, no one else will!

Life Coaching

Face to face or e-coaching (via Phone / Skype)

English and French

Flash Coaching (short process to solve a problem)

You need to…

go faster in reaching flow in your professional and personal life?

•project yourself in the future to better shape the present?

•gain clarity in what you really want (purpose, target, goals)?

•develop your self-awareness and understanding of others?

•embrace change more easily?

•allow yourself fuller use of your talents?

•increase your creativity?

•increase your ability to identify solutions to specific issues?

•enhance your ability to communicate?

•receive the opportunity to correct behavior/performance difficulties?

•find motivation?

improve your relationships?


You are willing to transform yourself and you are ready to…

  • accept to get surprised?

  • have a 'beginner’s mind'?

  • accept to not understand it all at the beginning?

  • suspend judgment?

  • accept to question your certainties?

  • step back, observe what is happening in the relationship?

  • dare to say, dare to act, dare to become?

  • learn with pleasure from your experiments?

  • live a destabilizing and surprising experience?

  • you have read so far and The Flow Academy™’s world speaks to you?

So, we are made more than to get along together but to get to learn from each other!

Contact me to book a first free appointment!

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© Maryjane Delaplace – The Flow Academy™

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