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What is "Flow"?

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Remember last time you did something you really liked and felt engaged, focused, motivated, clear, creative, productive, happy, timelessness - in flow with what you were doing?

Well, this intense rewarding optimal mental state is called flow in psychology.

When you are in your flow, you feel that you are where you belong, that you are being who you truly are.

The Flow Academy™’s intention is to support you in reaching and getting more flow in your life, whether personal or professional.



The Flow Academy's Culture


Our vision

​Become who you are…and more

Help everyone to find their best self, support individuals and organizations to succeed in their transformations, change for the better and access the best version of themselves ... to finally make the world better!



Our mission

Generate more flow in you! ​

  • Help you get out of your box (limiting beliefs and patterns)

  • Explore new possibilities

  • Help you align your three brains: mental, emotional and physical

  • Push yourself to places you have not been before

  • Support you in building your transformation roadmap

  • Support you in defining and reaching your new goals

  • Empower you to learn how to act differently

  • Guide and support you in your transformation process


Our values

It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it

Albert Einstein

  • Give to oneself, to others, to the world

  • Be attentive to oneself, to others, to the world

  • Be respectful to oneself, others, the world

  • Be non-judgmental of oneself, the others, the world

  • Make progress… always

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Who am I?


Who am I and why trust me to accompany you in your transformation journey?

I am Maryjane Delaplace, founder of The Flow Academy™. Life enthusiastic & experimenter, happiness explorer, carpe diem believer, I am also a nature lover and a profound humanist. I worked for 18 years in a multinational company as senior manager, transformation project leader and internal coach. During all these years, I observed the human mind and behavior, and I learned about the transformation process, interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, motivation and performance.

But why trust me? Because…

o As a Senior Coach and Change Manager, I supported leaders, managers, project teams and employees to successfully drive their change initiatives.

o I am certified by a recognized coaching school (Mozaik International – Paris), as well as in positive psychology (University of Berkeley, California)

o I only practice what I have experimented and tested myself.

o I lived and worked in 8 countries, making life change part of my routine!

o My personal story made me believe that ANYONE is capable of making great things IF they believe in it.

o I love people and I am pretty much open and interested in getting to know you and investigate your profound self.

I also subscribe to the Code of Ethics governed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and available at the following address:

I realized that I was in my flow when I was coaching people and helping them get the better out of themselves.

Finding my flow, I found my real purpose: To help people and organizations to achieve successful transformations, to change themselves and to reach their better selves, so that eventually, it changes the world for the better!


Et voilà !                         was born!


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Testimonies and Success Stories


How can The Flow Academy help you?


Whether you question yourself about your purpose in life, about the way to reach your objectives, to develop your motivation or to increase your perception of happiness ;

Whether you are an Executive willing to go from good to great leader, to progress on successful interpersonal relationships or simply improve your global impact ;

Or a Team Leader willing to develop your team’s creativity, collective emotional intelligence or improve their team flow and global impact, The Flow Academy™ will help you find answers!

Our approach is based on traditional coaching methods (systemic, NLP etc.), but its originality and uniqueness come from the integration of the latest discoveries in positive psychology, neurosciences and quantum physics, as well as the practice of tailor-made powerful games, which will challenge you and rock your world!

This original and unique approach is perfectly suited to the new challenges of today: the search for purpose, the leadership of new generations at work and the need to evolve rapidly.

To each of your specific need, we have a solution!

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Individual Coaching (face to face, by phone or Skype): individual tailor-made sessions to accompany you in reaching your objectives faster. By working together on how to unleash your potential, you will have all the cards at hand to durably transform yourself.

Team Coaching and consulting: team tailor-made sessions to reveal the potential of the team, to support them to reach their objectives while finding their team flow and to access their better-self as a team (improve relationships, trust and cooperation).

The Flow Masterclass: a series of workshops in groups to learn, exchange and practice simple tools to support you in your self-knowledge and development journey.

Flash Coaching: individual sessions to release your blockages, fears, anxieties in order to access your real potential.


© Maryjane Delaplace – The Flow Academy™

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